Hi everyone... I was wondering if anyone out there who had information on this subject be able to help me.
Ok so... Me and my partner are trying to concieve and we had unprotected intercourse on the 1st of Jan 2011 and on the 4th Jan 2011. My cycle is a 28 day cycle that started on the 24th Dec 2010 and it starts again on the 20th of Jan 2011. I ovulated on Wed 5th 2011. Since the 10th jan 2011 i have been having cramping in my lower abdomen that started off in the middle of my abdomen and then moved over to the left hand side of my abdomen, my breasts feel swollen and tender, I have been having slight back aches and head aches as well. I have also had a slight feeling of sickness. Just today my cramping has stop but i still have swollen breast and the back aches and the feeling of sickness... and being really tired.

I know that it is too early to use a pregnancy test, I am due to go away for training on the 20th of Jan 2011 and wanted to have some idea of want these symptoms may mean, or if i am just coming dwn sick. If I was to have a blood test, would it be too early to have it show up?

Thank you for your time :-D I wld apprieciate a response