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I had my period Saturday, February 18th, last until 22nd. My boyfriend and I had sex twice on Friday, February 24th. He came inside of me, both times. I am not on birth control. We had sex again on Wed, February 29th. He came inside me, once again. It's now Saturday March 3rd, and I woke up this morning feeling like i was gonna throw up.. that same feeling happend on and off today. I also experienced today, on and off cramping on my left lower stomach. Can people experience signs this early? Or am I just freaking out?


i believe many can show signs early. your body knows your prego as soon as the sperm attaches to the uterus wall. He sent millions of sperm cells you in such a short time. There is high possibilty that a sperm cell survived and entered your egg. Taking a pregnancy test could help start there.