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i have had all the symptomes but when i took the home test it came up neg. could i still be pregnant??? Also i have had a miscarege before is there a more likly chance that ill have one again??? plz help.....!


Hello, I am 17 nearly 18 and all the symptoms im getting are apparently the same symptoms of pregnancy and i need to know if im pregnant as i am epileptic. My symptoms are :

- I have been feeling sick most of the day for two weeks.

- I feel sick when i eat food or smell food when i normally eat quite alot in a day and now its gone down to like 5 chips a day.

- My last period just over 3 weeks ago seemed alot lighter and shorter (4 days instead of 7).

- Sore breasts from before last period till present (constant).

- I have really bad discharge at the moment and have done for 2 weeks, its more watery now though. And 2 days ago i found brown stringy bits in it just the one time and yesterday after i went to the toilet i saw spots of blood on the tissue.

- More frequent headaches.

- Tummy pains (evenings).

- Am sleeping so much more than usual (always wanting to sleep even when i am not tired).

- I done a pregnancy test yesterday (a week before my period is due) and it came back negative.

* Note :- About 2 months ago i missed two contraceptive pills and then about a month ago i missed three contraceptive pills and then 2 weeks ago i missed another three contraceptive pills.

What is going on with me ?


same for me this my second time of trying for baby, im getting all symptoms as well as feeling baby movement to but again all tests negative


get a new preg test


i was having sex with my girlfriend with the withdrawal method.
as im doing it,i kept on pull out my penis and check if thr's (pre-cum)
as i see,my tip of my penis is dry.
on that day,in the morning my girlfriend helped me with ha****b thn 4 hrs ltr we had sex and i did urined before we do.
also i did nt put my penis all the way in as she is too tight,for a moment i felt that im havin pre-cum.
so i quickly pull out and rub it on her leg.
it took about 10mins i did nt cum at all.
in the end i finger her and we stop.
bt nw we r so paranoid about so stress and so regret i did nt use a condom...
i need some help to tell me is thr goin to be pregnancy?
i need answer insanely stressed up...and worried for my girlfriend. thanks alot~