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Okay so last month on the 16th I took the last pill of my bc pack (ortho tri cyclen lo). I had sex with my boyfriend that night and he came in me. The next day sunday, i didn't have any pills. On monday I went to the drs and got a new perscription of bc(microgestin) and I only took 1 one that day. Then I had sex on 18,22,and 24th. According to my period tracker, 18 was a fertile day and 22nd was ovulation. I had sex maybe 5 days ago and I havent taken any pills for almos 2 weeks now.
I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms. I have just been tired, loss of appetie, cramping right now. I took a test 4 days ago and it was negative. Now i am still late. Does it sound like Im pregnant? Or just late cause whatever? Im not stressed. And me and my fiance want a kid. Oh and my feet hurt after i walk alot lately. Please help. My period is on the 8th every month and usually last 7-11 days. My period has never been late by more than two days.

Also I had alot of discharge the past couple weeks and smells Normal (no I dont have an infection) and now its not as much discharge. Barley any in the past few days

Also, I had sex last night and the night before., tuesday, and last sunday i think. They were all unprotected.

After I had sex last night, My stomache was cramping. That has never happenned to me before.

Is there a high chance im pregnant?


there is a possibility you are. if you havent had any symptoms then you wont know unless you see a doctor. sometimes home pregnancy tests do not work. my idea is you are more then likely pregnant because of constant sex. best of luck.