Hello everybody, 

So I was in a situation of vulnerability and desperation and decided to sleep with someone outside of my relationship on May 15th, 2017. I started seeing symptoms later that week and on May 22nd, 2017 I decided to get tested and was given 2 tablets of Azithromycin 500 mg, I took them. I got my results in that Friday (drank alcohol later that evening), and scheduled an appointment for treatment on May 27th for Gonorrhea. I got another dose of Azithromycin and a shot of Ceftriaxone. The week went by, and there is a chance that I drank some more alcohol within that week, it is now June 3rd. I haven't had intercourse and decided to get checked if I was cleared on June 17th. I was told that there is a chance of dead bacteria showing up resulting in still "having" Gonorrhea, but I was told that I was cured and as long as I gave myself 7 days from the shot,  I would be cleared as this treatment is the best treatment for it. I had sex with my girlfriend on June 27th and July 2nd and I am starting to notice an irritation on my meatus. I decided to schedule an appointment to get tested on the 6th of July.

However, did I put my girlfriend at risk of getting Gonorrhea on the 27th? I did not have protected sex with her on the 27th, but did on the 2nd. Off and on the symptoms felt "present" but i thought it was just my paranoia, but now, the irritation on my meatus is getting annoying and feels more real. I don't see any drip and I don't have any burning pain while urinating. At least, not consistently, it felt like it was more of an issue with dehydration more so than an STD. And it doesn't feel like something is dripping.  

I understand the possibility that she may have something, but I am ruling that out right now, because I know for a fact that I had something.