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Am so ashamed of myself that I can't seek advice from any friend,I had unprotected sex with two different men,my ex and the man am with now. Now I am pregnant and don't know who the right father of my baby his,am 6weeks 5days pregnant now,my last flow started on 19th may 2017 and I had sex with the man am dating currently on 27th and my ex on the 28th,I did a scan on the 20th of June 2017,the doctor said I was 4weeks and 5days gone


Hi Justly,

Unfortunately there is no way to know without a DNA test.

Those dates are based on when your LMP started.  This is how most doctors calculate duration.

Having sex a day apart, there is just no way to know.  Either male could be the father.  It is NOT necessarily who you had sex with first.

You can have a DNA test done now, non-invasively.  Google "non-invasive dna test."

Good luck.