Okay so my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time July 20th (11 days after my last period) July 27th (18 days after last period) Aug 2nd and 3rd (24 and 25 days after last period). We used a condom the first time but put it on a little after we started having sex but he didn't cum at all. The second time we had sex and he out it on a little after we started having sex and he came inside the condom and the condom did not break or slip. The third time is what I'm worried about because he put the condom on a little after we had sex and then we finished and a little later we had sex again. I don't know if he came the first time or not. But if he did it was in the condom but I heard that pre cum is dangerous if the guy didnt pee or wash out his penis after the first time he came because the sperm can be left a little in there. So if he didn't put the condom on the second time right away it means that precum with left over sperm could have possibly went inside of me. This was 24 days after my last period. So I don't know the chance of me being pregnant. The last time we had sex....we had sex two times again. Again he put it on a little after we started having sex but after the second time he peed and showered. I am extremely scared and paranoid that I might be pregnant my period is currently 4 days late. My period is VERY irregular. Dec 24-27 Jan no period Feb 12-15 March 28-31 April 29- May 2 May 29-June 1 June No period July 5-7 And I'm "supposed" to get it Aug 7th. I had a pregnancy scare in December even though I hadn't had sexual inter course and my belly hurt and I missed my period a month. So I don't know if that's the case now or if I am pregnant. I don't want to be pregnant and so I have decided to stop having sex until I am mentally ready to not be paranoid. Or until I get on birth control and wear the condom FROM START TO FINISH.