I've been suffering with tingling & numbing sensations all over entire body, but most notcieable in arms, hands, legs, feet, face, & tongue. Can also feel it on insides too. Along with this, I'm having a systemic inflammatory response & edema. I think I've linked it to Ambien CR & am working on quitting it. Has anyone else ever had this as a withdrawl or side effect of Ambien CR. I've had a lot of health problems & numerous surgeries over the last few years. I've ask all of my doctors and they aren't sure.
Also, could anyone tell me if Xanax(low dose) is ok to help sleep instead of the Ambien? And what else to expect from long-term withdrawl from Ambien as well as pain meds(which I no longer use). I'm tired of going to doctor appts., medical expenses, etc. Thought I was about caught-up on that part of my life. My husband needs his wife back & I want my motivated, loving old-self back. Please, anything will be helpful!