My dad was diagnosed with angio sarcoma o feb 08,2008 he died on feb 19th,2008. He started with bleeding in his bladder and they could never determine why the bleeding started. they did tissue biopsies when they did systoscopies. The biopsies always came back negative. They eventually removed his bladder 2 weeks prior to the pathology report came back with the diagnosis. The drs said they never thought in their wildest dreams that this was the cause of he bleeding because it is such a rare cancer. He had lesions on his leg one in his lung and one on his adreanal gland. they were never able to do biopsies in those area because of the constant bleeding. He was in the hospital several times with bleeding. The last time he went in on christmas eve and never came out before putting him in hospice for the last week of his life. Please is there anything they missed or anything they could have done. So little is known about this cancer. Cancer of the arteries and veins.