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A friend of mine, aged 55, was inserted to the hospital last morning with severe back and thigh pain, which made him unable to walk.

He was diagnosed with a small fracture on the lower spine (the leading cause of pain).

The first bone xray came up clean (apart from the fracture), however a second MRI showed multiple spots (but as far as I know, NOT tumors) all over his skeleton (spine, thigh, cranium, and several other places). Doctors immediately diagnosed him with bone cancer, even though they did not test for bone TB (which presents similar symptoms) ostiomyelitis, or any other disease.

While in the hospital, on a sudden move, he suffered from a second fracture on the thigh, but it is -to quote the doctor- "as thin as a hair".

About his medical history, he was a smoker and he suffered from bladder cancer one year ago. He fought it, and won, at the moment his bladder and other organs are clear of cancer.

Now, apart from the pain in the back, which started about one and a half months ago (and lately frequently "moved" to his thigh), he did not have, and still does not have, any other symptoms, no night sweats, no nausea, no weight loss, no other fractures, no excessive calcium in the blood, nothing. In fact, his last full x-ray and MRI (about six months ago) showed nothing of significance on the bones, so we're talking about something which started at most six months ago.

The only sign which worries me is the fact that he is, most of the times, unable to freely stand up and walk without help (probably due to the fractures?)

Can bone cancer spread to the whole skeleton so fast? Is it even remotely possible that he suffers from bone TB instead and are there any other symptoms which could help me distinguish between those two?

And something last, lately he suffered from two falls, one from a chair and the other from the stairs. If he had bone cancer, wouldn't he had suffered multiple fractured in those accidents?

I know I'm probably reaching, but I'd really like to know your opinion, since he will move to another hospital and the results will probably come out in two or three days, at least.

thank you for your time

kind regards


Hi. How is your friend. My parent has many fractures in his back and we are looking for a cause. There is no trauma, bones just crack. Its been a few years and thousands of tests but no conclusion, only pain.

Do let me know if there is any information that you have that may help

60 yr, male, active outdoor life. Asian. 2 fractures spine. hip fracture.and now few more cracks in D vertebrae.