More than half of Americans drink coffee every day, making it the most popular beverage in the country. For a very long time, it was thought that the coffee was bad news because of its links with cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.
A new study shows differently. It shows that coffee consumption is not as bad is it was thought. The most consumed drink in the USA, coffee, turned out to contain a large amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals that help prevent oxidation, a process that can cause damage to cells and may contribute to aging. The compounds may help boost immune function and possibly cut the risks of infection, heart disease and cancer. The results of the study showed that the average American received more than four times the amount of antioxidants from coffee daily than from black tea, which was second on the list. Bananas, dry beans and corn were the top three foods on the list.
According to one of the researchers, coffee has been linked to health benefits, including protection against liver and colon disease, type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease.
Well, this definitely makes me not feel guilty anymore about my daily coffee intake.