Two months after a patient with tuberculosis flew on commercial flights causing a great scare among the fellow passengers and health experts, another health hazard occurred.

A girl who unknowingly suffered from bacterial meningitis took two flights on July 21 from Orlando to Atlanta and then switched to a connecting flight to Wichita, Kansas.

She became sick and non-responsive while still being on the second plane. She was then taken by the ambulance to the Wesley Medical Center in Wichita where she lapsed into critical condition.

The AirTran is trying to locate all the passengers who flew on the same flights, Flight 862 from Orlando to Atlanta and Flight 867 from Atlanta to Wichita, and who sat near or came into contact with the girl.

The air companies immediately cleaned their planes thoroughly and returned them to service. Bacterial meningitis is a dangerous and contagious disease that can be spread by discharges from the nose and throat of an infected patient but it cannot be transmitted by breathing the same air.

Health experts are advising passengers who were on one of these two flights to report to the nearest hospital if they notice symptoms like fever, headache, and stiff neck to nausea, drowsiness, confusion, and sensitivity to light because without prompt actions against the disease, it could prove fatal.