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The noise in the ears was often referred to as another middle ear problem, but discovery of what it was made for a curios approach to cure. This also led to an associated cure for "telepathic" or voices in the head.

A friend of mine was saying tin foil hats stops the receiving of radio waves in the body, particularly the head but his material was incorrect. To stop microwave carrier and modulation one has to create a faraday cage. A faraday cage is made from metal mesh with holes smaller than the size of a microwave cycle, approximately 3/4 inch in diameter of metal (best metal is iron ore) mesh with no power lines in proximity to mesh, no water lines near and insulated with rubber ground cable cord. Of course this is a room, they use them for free standing computers and such. They desire is to have no outside radio wave or digital contact.

So the problem is how to create a synthetic faraday cage on the human body.

Science answers with chemicals that changes the water molecules into a slightly different molecule. The synthetic noise is modulation heard in the water molecules but the attempts to synthesize with chemical is not working. Reason being the carrier is low frequency vibration and the high frequency modulation attaches to h2o.

In order to block the carrier one must be free from electrical grids, magnetic and other ground travel current. That's one of the signals in ears. The other is 5 khz and higher that has to be free from water. The body also has to have a mesh or cell structure that grounds the entire signal from body. Not a tin hat.

The middle ear itself is best to understand the construct of body insulators and resistors to "noise" in the ear and brain. Some say the hairs connect to fat tissue and therein water in body making conduit of the microwave signals. One theory was to create a static charge around the body as a grounding grid.

So far the most valued safe zone from the noise in head and in ears is the faraday cage. The only other saving grace available is if the FCC enforces the laws of radio use and stops the program of synthetic telepathy in pentagon and government. It is however unlikely. The use of cell phones was against the rules of FCC years before cell phones existed as a health risk. The scientist did measurement of harm verses a life time and rated the exposure to radiation non life line threat. Reports have shown some cell phone users develop specific forms of tumors, but not enough evidence to stop digital microwave transmission. The same transmissions are causing synthetic schizo effect and disrupting the medicine theorist of psychiatry. These same transmissions are essential to a 20,000 in number satellite dish system of national security, so they can not turn it off. What the heck ? Lose google earth picture shots ?


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Do the black helicopters hover over your house too?
They fly away as soon as I get my video camera and lie on the ground to video them.


Hi Raymond,

A faraday cage is perfect for the RFR of specific frequencies, but after you enclose your house with chicken wire, you then have to combat the electro magnetic radiation that is emanating from your power cables within the house that feeds your lights and power.

It all sounds good!

To create a synthetic faraday cage of your body is to sell you house and move right out into the outback away from suburbia and the constant proliferation of the airway with every conceivable form of radiation that emanates from DECT phones, cordless phones, cordless computer, cordless mouse, cordless modems, cordless routers and most of all danger the Wi Fi and Wi Max that are installed in large shopping centres, libraries, hospitals, and fast take away outlets.

I suppose if you go back to early TV show of Jet Jackson you will see them all wearing such suits, and they will be suits of the future to overcome the greed of electronic companies as the pour out their force of death in the form of radiation that is the causation factor of most illnesses these days.

Mate, all that stuff about electrical grids and ground is spot on as the earth of any house gobbles up all the RFR and EMR and is then poured into the house and amplified throughout and the house basically becomes a transmitter.

These emission are the reason for ill health within a house, that caused by radiation coming out of microwave ovens, power switches, and lights.

The middle ear is one of the best places to implant a micro-micro chip.

Mate, it’s too late to warn anyone of what is really going in regards to the proliferation of the airways with all these wonderful gimmicks, the government couldn’t care less, and with all the illnesses from such unseen forces, the medicos and pharmaceutical companies smile all the way the bank, and electronic equipment producers enjoy the ride, and so does the shareholders.

Take care and the best of health, what is you say is true, but the tsunami has started and nobody will be able to hold it back.


Hi, not the choppers , but I get regular cop planes at the weirdest exact times. I'm a,20 year synthetic telepathy girl who used to work for our nation. Rfids can suck it. And I had breat cancer. Those choppers are just as lame, flip em I ff, I've seen em but the plane us daily, no flight path. If uve been tagged in your hand let me know .

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I also have v2k / rnm. I live in Sacramento,Ca. It started while living in an apartment complex. I hear 2 men and 1 woman that harass me all day everyday its sick and thevpeople doing this will burn in hell


This is what we know... follow by worthless propaganda and a baseless inquisition. Choppers are not as frequent as it is on onset. I believe artificial intelligence may be involved. This would explain why the phenomenon is persistent around the clock, they don't even realize they are puppets.