Around 6.2 million men and women under age 25 get HPV in the United States every year. About 9,700 women from this group will develop cervical cancer and 3,700 may die from it this year

The numbers will hopefully reduce now after a vaccine, called Gardasil, against cervical cancer had been found and made available in pharmacies.

The price is $450 and so far, the parents need to pay the full price in order to protect their children. However, Gardasil’ s manufacturers made an offer about making the vaccine available for free under the government's national immunization program. The question remains open and it may stay that for the next two years until the bureaucrats figure out if the vaccine is cost effective.

For the time being, the vaccine is available under the full price on a doctor's prescription for girls aged 9-26.

The vaccine will certainly reduce the incidence of cervix cancer. It protects against four HPV types that are responsible for 70% of cervical cancers and 90 % of genital warts.

Unfortunately, the vaccine is not helpful against existing HPV infections, it only protects against contracting one.