Doctors are trying to encourage women to get Pap tests and to educate them that by taking regularly Pap test they could prevent and detect early signs of possible cervical cancer. They claim that by taking Pap test regularly and by vaccination women could protect themselves against HPV that causes great number of cervical cancers.

Doctors recommend HPV vaccine for girls at age 11 and claim that the vaccine is most beneficial before girls are sexually active. It was reported that almost 99% of all cervical cancer cases are caused by HPV and that’s why women should be cautious and take Pap test on regular basis.

Some previous researchers discovered that at some point great number of sexually active people will contract the virus but it usually goes away on its own and it causes no symptoms. But, it was also reported that high risk HPV causes cervical cancer after it stays in body for couple of years. It seems that it has ability to cause cells to change. Those cells can be detected by Pap test and by doing that cervical cancer can be prevented or even cured if those cells are removed before they become cancerous.