Only just begun with Yaz, on my 4th day, have noticed nausea, heart acting up a little a few times now, fever.
My reason for going on this drug, was not willingness to be used as a guinea pig, but trying to save my and my husbands sanity.
Oh he doesn't complain and is very supportive, but I have been going through hell for far too long now.

I experience fatigue, inability to process much quickly, on many occasions, fuzzy, foggy headed, thinking. Can fly of the handle and make short work of someone who acts in a manner I don't find respectful or I merely don't appreciate, < moody, lol

Crying jaggs and can cry at the drop of a hat, usually within an hour to an hour and a half of getting up, and around 4 to 6 oclock in the late afternoon evening. These crying spells are usually due to a feeling, like an electrical storm going on within me < this seems to respond well, at times, to hormone creams, like progesterone, or wild yam cream. Weight gain, sweet craving- chocolate in particular, like I've never been before.
Already been tested for menopause, being I'm in my late 40's and been going through this since I was 38 approx. My thinking has been off and on fuzzy all this time, I HATE IT!!!!!
Had test done 2 times, and not that long ago, and the 3rd doctor is saying the same thing, NO, you are not in the change!

I do not have hotflashes, but all other symptoms are there I'm pretty sure.
They gyn wanted me to try "Yaz", so this is day 4. And last night, I'm afraid to say, but on some occasions, not too often, I felt like I was losing my mind. I am not blaming Yaz at this point for that.
I am merely writing because I need a life!~!! And this game called hell, which makes it so I cannot be relied on, cannot make commitments, am not working and know I couldn't with all this!

Oh yeah, I've considered that maybe I'm just a whinner..................
but NO, that didn't pass as the answer, these symptoms are real. Just in case someone thinks it's all in my head, as I have wondered.
If anyone reads this and has a sneaky suspicion, please drop me a line, ***** I need any leads.
I'm considering next getting in to see an Endocrinologist. Haven't seen a specialist yet.

I"ve had other women tell me, even women who work in doctors offices, tell me that it sounds like the change, menopause, but doctos still are saying no. I need help desperately. I am however hoping that this pill could be the answer. But from some of the posts I've read, I'm not sure now.
Please talk to me if you are old enough possibly, to know what I'm talking about, or maybe you are younger and have experienced the same symptoms and found an answer. Thanks much ladies!