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Hi all, I have type 2 and I need to go on a new medication. My doctor wants me to take insulin with levemir. Are there any type2's on levemir out there? I'm very nervous about this because I'm going to have to count carbs and that may be a little difficult for me. I think I'll be okay with shots. My Hba1c went all the way to 9.7 and has been very crazy. This different regime has me worried. I have difficulty making changes in my life. It would help if someone could talk to me and guide me through. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hello, I was put on novo rapid and levemir and I'm type 2. My guess is that your doctor will start you on a love dose of levemir. I started out with 6 units and the was for several days and then they increased to 12. Once you get the hang of it you can adjust your dose as needed. What I did was to take 2 units more every third day until I reached my mark of 6. Levemir is a long-acting insulin and that sounds what you need to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Make sure your doctor knows about any other medications you are taking because there are some medications that can interact with levemir. So if your taking any blood pressure medications, steroids, water pills, hormones (birth control pills), aspirin or things like thyroid hormones make sure your diabetes manager is aware of this. In terms of levemir side effects, I've heard about hypoglycemia, rashes and possible weight gain. So far I haven't experienced any of these. Any way you want to keep an eye out for that. Some people have a problem with the weight gain situation. Let me know how your new regime works out and if you just want to chat that would be great. Good Luck.