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Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with type 1 some 15 years ago. Initially, I got my BG levels under control and stayed that way for close to 10 years. However, lately I'm having some serious night hypos and my fasting levels are going up around 20. I'm working long hours and I'm so tired at night that I'm not sensing that I'm having a hypo like I used to. I know I need to measure my early norming BG say around 3am but I'm so tired I'm having trouble waking up. I'm currently taking Lantus/Novorapid. My Lantus dose is greater than my Novorapid. I need to find a way to get rid of these night hypos. Has anyone type 1 out there experienced this? I'm wondering if I should change my insulin dosages or maybe go to a different regime. Maybe certain insulins stop working after while. Advice appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, I'm a type 1 as well and was diagnosed 20 years ago. Your night hypos may be due to the fact that your basal dose is too high. That will bring about 3 am lows. In the meantime, your liver is releasing glucose to compensate making your morning fasting BG very high. I sympathize with the fact that you are working long hours and are very tired, however you need to check your BG levels several times during the night at least for a few days to a week. That's the only way to know what is going on. Check you evening BG levels before you go to bed and then check again at 1am, 3am and 5am and then again when you get up in the morning. This is absolutely necessary. Since you're working, start this regime on a Friday night assuming you don't have to work on Saturday and continue this until at least Wednesday of the following week. Make a note of what your eating as well and when. From this you should be able to change your dosing regime of Lantus/NovoRapid accordingly. If that is still not working then it may be time to change the insulins your using. I used Lantus and NovoRapid for years and then I found the Lantus was not working for me. I switched to Levemir and stayed with NovoRapid. It didn't take long till I was back to my old self again. I wish you the best of luck and don't stop trying. You'll get there.