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Hello all, I was diagnosed with type 2 almost a year ago. My Bg levels are in the normal range. I have stopped taking my insulin for two days now, but my levels are still in the normal range. Nothing has changed. I don't understand this. Do I really need to take insulin. With my current novomix I have sleeping and eating issues and my fasting Bg levels are high. I do tend to eat late at night. For these reasons, I stopped taking my insulin to see if that would help. I did feel somewhat better. I started back on my insulin but at a lower dose that my doctor determined. Can anyone help me to understand this? Thanks.


Hello, Your information is scant at best. Really the only thing I getting is that you stopped taking your insulin for 2 days. At no time, should you stop taking your insulin without doctor approval and you should know that. Yet then you say your doctor has you back on a lower insulin dose. The next time you post, you need to put in concise information so that other people can evaluate your situation and help you. I have no idea what your idea is on normal BG levels. It's not possible for you to have normal levels when you stop taking insulin for two days but then what were your actual levels when you were on insulin. You need to tell us that. We need details on the actual meds you on and the units you are taking per day and at what time. We need to know exactly what you ate and if you did any exercise and how much and what your pre and post BG measurements were. It would help to know your HbA1c score for the last 3 months or so. It would help to know how much you weigh and how old your are. Next time, take the time to provide pertinent information otherwise we can't help!