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Is it safe to combine both NovoRapid and Levemir?  I have a friend that told me that she is on both of these insulins and I am wondering if that is really a good idea.  I would think one would potentiate the effect of the other.  I think maybe it would be wise if she would seek another opinion about it.  How does other people feel about that?  If I can get some comments together, maybe she will take me seriously about this whole thing.  I don't want her to end up having hypoglcemia and going into a coma because some doctor doesn't know what he is doing!  Perhaps she needs to do just one insulin and see how it goes.  i have been a diabetic for years and never had to go on two different types of insulin like that and I am ok.  I think it should be the same way for her.


You are worried about your friend and that she mixing her insulin.  It sounds like she isn’t actually mixing it as she is injecting two different ones at different times. The insulin called Lememir is a long-acting insulin that is usually given at night.  This takes care of blood sugars throughout the 24-hour period after it had been given.  The NovoRapid is a shorter-acting insulin that is given before meals to help with any blood sugar elevation at that time.  She may take her blood glucose reading before given herself insulin on a sliding scale.  Depending on the reading will depend on how much insulin will be injected.  You are lucky that you do not have to take any additional insulin like your friend does.  Just be supportive of her and know that the doctor is doing what is best for her by prescribing her insulin therapy the way he sees fit.