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Hi, I was diagnosed with type 1 almost twenty years ago. Right now I'm planning on getting pregnant. I'm currently taking humalog and levemir. My diabetes manager doesn't want to change my levemir for other fast acting insulins. I checked on levemir and I don't think it has been tested on pregnant women. I don't think it's classified by the FDA but if it is it would have to be based on animals. Has anyone taken levemir while they were pregnant? I read that in some animal studies their fetuses had birth defects. Does anyone know anything about this. I'm really concerned. I'd really appreciate some info on this. Thanks.



Hello, when I got pregnant my doctor switched me from novorapid to humalog. I think I'm still worried about it for over 6 years now. I think I'm leary about synthetic insulins at this point. I don't think lantus is recommended during pregnancy. I know that animal insulins have been tested over and over again but synthetic insulin haven't been around that long and the analogues are really new. I mention all this because I became ill and had difficulty managing my BG. I was put on hypurin porcine insulin last year. I am so much better and I feel great. I only wish I new about this a long time ago. Twenty years to be exact. I suggest you do some homework and search out on the Internet and learn more about synthetics, analogues and animal insulins. Consider it for the safety of your pregnancy. You have to consider that some of the synthetics such as novorapid, humalog, lantus and levemir haven't been around that long. In reality, the long term effects are largely unknown. And, what long term affects will it has on the fetus. I wouldn't just rely on what your doctor is saying for both you and your fetus' sake.