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Hi, I've just found out that I have diabetes type 2 and I was wonder whether the insulin I take should be with a needle or tablets. I am deathly afraid of needles and I just don't know if I can inject myself especially if I have to do it all the time. I'm also wondering if one form is better than the other. Has anyone gone from using a needle to a tablet and if so did you find it effective? Seriously, I would rather not like to give myself shots. Needles make me nauseated and I feel like I'm going to pass out. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.



Hi, As far as I know there is no oral insulin (tablets) available at this time. I think many of us would like to a tablet to take instead of injection. One of the problems is that insulin is quickly inactivated in the gastrointestinal tract. There are some drug companies who pursue this problem but I don't know if they have been successful or not. Some how they need to keep the insulin active once it is taken in. there was supposed to be an Irish company (Merrions Pharma) that has supposed to have completed a clinical trial of an oral insulin. They called their pill Novo-Nordisk insulin. They used a special patented drug delivery system that they say works. As far as I know the study hasn't been published at this time so it's anybodies guess as to whether it works or not. So there is no way at this time to know if their clinical was truly successful. This ones is still up in the air. I think all we can do is wait. There ought to other companies working on this but I suppose much of the work is in the planning stage at the moment. I'm afraid you will have to give yourself shots for the moment. Have your diabetes manager show you the best way to take your shots and where. Best of Luck to you!