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Hi Yall, Have you found that long acting insulin is weird sometimes. I've taken Lantus and levemir and I switch back and forth from time to time. There's something about Lantus. I'm on a low dose (15 units) and I take one shot at night. My blood sugar levels are really good in the morning (usually around 80 but I don't always feel well the next day. I just feel a bit off. I have problems concentrating on things and my vision is somewhat blurry. It felt like I wasn't taking insulin. This went on for a month or so. I stopped taking Lantus for a bit and the way I felt was better. However, my fasting sugar levels were quite high. Nevertheless, I felt pretty good. I switched to levemir a month back and I feel pretty good with that but I still feel off (lack of concentration). I'm feel tired during the day. This isn't as bad as Lantus. I take levemir at night. I'm wondering if I could do something else. I have heard that some people like the pump but I don't have much money. I'm still on levemir (15 units) and I take humalog. Thanks.


Hello, I heard of some individuals having problems with concentration and being tired on long-acting insulins but I really don't know why. I think the one thing you need to consider is that no matter what type of insulin you are taking, the way you respond to it depends on a number of factors. Ultimately it depends on how you respond to the type of insulin you take. There are so many these days. It also depends on your lifestyle and what your particular sugar management goals are. Although I think it is recommended that you take long acting once a day, many people report that doesn't work for them. They need to divide their long acting insulin and take it twice a day. That seems to work for some. On the other hand your humalog may need to be adjusted. It's difficult to say. Although I think it is rare, some individuals are misdiagnosed with type 2 when in fact they are type 1. Some type 1s have difficulty with Lantus trying to get everything right. A number of type 1s have shifted to using a pump and report that they have better control and feel great. I know the pump is not cheap as you have expressed, but you might consider it if you can swing it. I tend to think you would feel a whole lot better on it. You might check to see if you can get some monetary assistance for a pump. Your doctor might have this information or talk with your diabetic manager.