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What is the average dosage of Levemir?  What if it is too high for me?  What will happen to me if I take too much?  I am wondering if I should boost the dosage up to get my sugars to come down a bit.  I don't think I am getting enough so I think tweaking it a little may do the trick.  I just don't want to go into a hypo of some sort doing it.  How can you calculate how to increase the dosage of Levemir?


It is recommended that the starting dose of Levemir in patients with type 1 diabetes by around one-third of the total daily insulin requirements. It is noted that rapid-acting or short-acting insulin given before a meal should be used to satisfy the remainder of the daily requirement for insulin.  For type 2 diabetics who cannot control their blood sugar on their own with oral medication like Metformin should start on a dose of 10 units given once a day or given twice a day in a divided dose.   If the diabetic with type 2 cannot control their diabetes with a

GLP-1 receptor agonist, it is recommended that the diabetic takes 10 units once daily in the evening.   It is highly NOT advisable for you to choose your own dosage of insulin.  If you take too much insulin, it could put you into a diabetic coma that could kill you.  Sorry to be so blunt, but it is the truth.  You cannot play around with insulin and you need to speak with your doctor if you are having trouble with your blood sugars.  He is educated to know how much insulin you need or if you need to change the insulin if it isn’t working for you.  Do not increase your insulin on your own for your safety.