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HI everyone, I'm a type 2 and have been using insulin for 5 years now and I'm wondering what dose of insulin are you on? I'm just wondering if my insulin dose is on the high side or somewhere in the middle. I've heard that everyone is different and it depends on your lifestyle and how well you control your blood sugar levels. I was thinking that there might be an average amount that was consider normal some how. I know a friend of my takes way more insulin than I do yet we pretty much eat the same things and we also exercise together. Can anyone help me with that? Thanks.


Hi, How much insulin a person needs to take is dependent on that person. No standard regular dose of insulin has been established. If you need to determine an appropriate dose for you, you may need to start some carb counting and measure blood sugar levels before and after your meals. There are two general methods to determine the insulin you need and they are known as fixed dose and the sliding scale.


The fixed dose method sets a certain amount of insulin for each meal. This would be like taking 5 units for breakfast, 4 units for lunch and may 8 units for dinner. Obviously, this system is easy to use but it doesn't take into consideration what your blood glucose levels are or for that matter what you eat. In order for this system to work you must be consistent with your carbs for each meal. This is essentially a fixed type of menu. This system is good for people who are new to insulin. This would disastrous if your carb intake is inconsistent.


The Sliding Scale method allows for varying you insulin dose based on blood sugar levels. The higher your blood sugar is the more insulin you take. You need to check you sugar levels before you take your insulin whereas the fixed dose doesn't require that. So the Sliding Scale is more precise but involves more of your time. The sliding scale system still requires having structured meals.