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I am wearing eye glasses since last 4 yrs .i am curently having -1.5 cyl on both eyes with 90 deg axis .My problem started a year back when I was having eye strain in front of computers .I was seeing letters slightly tilted to my left occasionaly when reading on screen letters and printed letters .I consulted several opthalmologists .i was given different eye power but it didnt help .I was having a headache sometime .I went for a CT scan still didnt gave any clue .Now I a mhaving a typical problem that letters are still tilted and rectangular objects appear in tilted fasion not always though .i still went for complete eye check up but doc suggeste some eye exerises stating double vision ..However it is still not ok .I am seeing background images on screen letters like movie subtitles.It appears like a shadow at the back .This is happening recently .So is with the traffic lights .Sometime I have headaches and a dancing eye effect .Plz suggest

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