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If i take this pill at 10pm every night and the forgot one night but took it at 2 am the same night would that be considered a missed dose? Again i am taking it at ten? So how many hours have to pass inorder for it to be?


Every brand may differ on missed dose advice, so the best thing to do is follow the advice from the product package information. Advice may differ depending on the doses missed. If you threw away the package, here is the general rule:

Missing just one pill makes you more prone to pregnancy, so if you miss your dose, you should use additional protection ( condoms or spermicidal gels) in the next couple of days.
If one dose is missed, you should take it as soon as you remember or you could take two doses at the next scheduled time. The chances of ovulation are minimal but don’t take your chances.

If two in a row are missed, take two as soon as you remember or at the next scheduled time. The chances of ovulation are bigger and you should use additional protection in the next 7 days or even better until your period.

If three pills are missed, this is a lost game. You should buy a new package and start all over again 7 days after the last day you took a pill. Don’t forget to use another contraceptive until the 7th day of regular pill intake.

Before following these instructions, make sure you read those on the package.


This question is old but just in case anyone else out there is reading -

For combined oral contraceptives, like Aviane, you have a 2-3 hour window each day in which to take them. Ideally, you take the pill within three hours of the time you normally take it. If you miss it by 4 or 5 you may have slightly reduced protection, but at this point, it's probably negligible. The only time when you start to get any serious risk is when you miss your pill by 12 hours or more. This is when a pill is "missed". If you find yourself in this situation, take two pills at your next scheduled time to take them and use a backup method for the next 7 days at least.

If in doubt, though, you can always use a backup method for extra security.