On Sunday I went to the doctor and got tested for Chlamydia. The doctor gave me a shot and told me I was going to take an antibiotic that was 4 tablets all at once.

When I get home that morning I grab the medication and the box has SIX tablets (250mg) and instructs me to take TWO the first day and ONE for the next FOUR days. I was a bit confused. I just thought she changed her mind and decided to prescribe me this instead.

So today I get a call from the doctor telling me I was positive. She asked if I took all the pills. I said no, I took two the first day and ONE Monday and ONE Tuesday. She says you were suppose to take them all, take the rest right now. So I did so. Six tablets (250mg each) 1.5 grams total in a span of FOUR days.

I was so tired when she called I did not ask why I was given SIX instead of FOUR.

I'm wondering if my treatment will now be infective?

Has anyone else accidentally done this? Or know if you HAVE to take 1g all at once for it to cure the disease?

Thank you very much!