Two weeks after I had sexual contact I began having itchiness on my vulva. And then a few days later, I began having purulent discharge it's whit to yellow consistency and there's a lot almost like milk. I went to see an OB GYN for pelvic exam and lab test. I had pelvic pain same when you have period cramps. Inflamed vulva and cervix. The doctor suspected bacterial infection and gave me antibiotics "doxycycline" twice a day for one week and clindamycin once a day for a week. Also gave me an antiseptic feminine wash. The lab tests she ordered are gram staining and pap smear. I took the antibiotics while waiting foe the lab results and my next appointment to the doctor. The gram staining showed Negative for Trichomoniasis and Monilia. But says many coccobacilli, few gram positive bacilli with many pus cells and clue cells noted. Pap smear says I have Benign reactive changes (typical repair) and pathologist wrote "Severe acute inflammation". The itchiness and swelling subsided a bit with the antibiotic but the purulent discharge is still there but I no longer have to wear pantyliners cause it no longer leaks out. After checking me up again, the doctor gave me Cefixime taken as a single dose two tablets. And then I have to come again next week to see her again. If it didnt work, the doctor said I'll have to take injectable antibiotic. She said the bacterial infection is an STD but couldnt tell me what kind. Just said it's a nongonococcal infection and gave me Cefixime.

I already informed the man I had sexual contact with. And he went to get tested, came back POSITIVE FOR CHLAMYDIA. Negative for Gonorrhea and Trich. So it's possible that I Have Chlamydia and the symptoms fit me well. He didnt have symptoms but I did. He was advised to take 1g azithromycin single dose.

When I went for my 3rd check up, the doc wasnt there. And I had to go out of town so I got azithromycin (zithromax) two tablets 500mg taken as a single dose. For the next couple of days I noticed that the purulent discharge started to clear up Almost gone in fact. But then I had my period for 6 days. 12 days after taking Azithromycin (Today) I felt something leaked out of me. I thought it's just a normal vaginal discharge until I saw it. The white-yellow milky thick purulent discharge is back and I'm really scared. I couldnt go to my doc as I am still at a remote village. My questions now are:

1. Does it mean that Im not cured of Chlamydia at all?

2. Did Azithromycin not worked?

3. Or is it normal to have this discharge as a way of my body clearing up things?

4. Should I take antibiotics again if so, what?


I'm so scared and I trusted the guy for my first time but ended up having my first STD too.please dont judge. I already feel terrible.