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Are you aware of the what are the risk factors of developing breast cancers? Yes, not all women are at risk.Some women, specifically those with certain genetic makeup, family history or taking some medications are at risk. They need intense monitoring of their breasts by different professional approaches. Prophylactic mastectomy or removal of healthy breasts is an option to avoid cancer.But it is largely restricted to few subsets of women carrying high risk of developing breast cancer. .


Recent developments and medical advances that combat breast cancer offer today's women more choices, less discomfort and improved prognosis. Today, thanks to the continuous education about Cancer, an earlier detection is possible and more women than ever before are able to survive breast cancer. It's important to read more about this as you can know when something is not good. For example, I thought once I have breast cancer because of some pain that repeated every day. So I started to read many articles, details, etc and I was calm. Right after that I went to a specialist and he said I have nothing, but some pain because of hormonal disorder  or something like that.. So if you need to read about breast cancer, I have a big list with resources!