well, i am a 15 year old male and i came to Canada in grade four not speaking English. i picked up fast so i was never "the one left out". the year was going fine until my teacher started bullying me (weird i know) he would make fun of me for studding because i was still learning the language. That's when everyone started bullying me because i could never really say anything back to them or tell them to stop yada yada. over my grade school years i piked up some awesome friends, they are a funny and cool bunch of guys. they always make fun of me though and i really never say much now because i well....dont wana hurt their feelings. i have gotten used to being made fun of so it does not bother me emotionally and even though they all do drugs and whatnot, i don't so i rly cant b a follower. sometimes it even escalates as to where they make fun of my sister >;) but, when i go to punch them (for example) they go oo i was just joking and then i feel bad doing anything about it. this has made me hard to find other friends and even picking up girls is hard now :-(.

what can i do about this