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i am 17 and i have a full lips. My friends always said that my lips looks sexy and sometimes they called me angelina jolie. They made fun of me sometimes and they talked fun behind my back saying about my lips. I only smiled to their id**t jokes and keep being positive in my mind. But sometimes it gets me down because you know, i have a heart too and i can be hurt like anybody else even though i like to joke around. Everytime i get back from school, i will look myself at the mirror. Its freaking hard for me. Sorry for making that you guys see me as a pathetic and seeking for attention but i only want to share my problem because i thought maybe my depression will fade slowly if i share with someone.


They aren't your friends if they keep bullying you like that... you need to tell them off and tell them to shut up it's not nice to bully people like that, if  their reaction isn't nice then honestly i wouldn't call them your friends, people these days are VERY mean about peoples looks these days and it's not nice, don't let people treat  you that way and don't try to change yourself because of what people say, be original and use what your momma gave you, don't be soft with people and speak up, stand up for yourself, people only make fun of others because of  their own insecurities, a lot of people are VERY insecure these days but in no way is it morally right to try and get a power trip and alienating others just to try and feel better about themselves... and remember that all the people that laugh at you because of what they said, aren't loyal or good people ether... they will turn against them as well at some point too, you lose nothing, they are the only people who lose out.