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Kalms tablets are becoming popular in modern circles as an alternative method to help patients cope with anxiety and sleep problems. What makes this pill attractive is that it is an all-natural supplement without the same addictive properties of other compounds on the market but the question is if they actually make a difference on your health.

Not only is it touted as a supplement that can help when anxiety but women who are suffering from menopause symptoms like flushing, irritability and temperature drops can find relief, allegedly. 

When assesses Kalms tablets, the first hurdle to assess is what exactly is the active ingredient that gives this pill its punch. When it comes to natural supplements, even if they are marketed as organic and holistic in nature, "natural supplements" is just a misnomer stating that this compound did not go through the same rigorous testing of other medications that require a prescription. That means that you could be putting in a concoction of numerous supplements into at once which could be both dangerous and foolish. 

Looking at Kalms tablets, this is a combination of essential oils from hops, valerian, and gentian.

It is not recommended to take these pills if you are pregnant or under the age of 18 and patients should not exceed 3 pills per day, according to their website. The best approach is to look at these ingredients separately to determine if they are even effective at treating anxiety symptoms. 

Hops is the first compound under our microscope. In one particular study aimed to determine if hops can reduce anxiety, it was seen that in 36 female patients suffering from anxiety, there was a well-documented decline in stress, anxiety-depressive symptoms in females who took hops compared to placebo patients. [1]

Valerian is the next supplement we will analyze and it has similar findings. In one study, 18 cohort studies were observed to determine if there was a link between improved insomnia symptoms and valerian supplementation. It was determined that patients taking this valerian supplement noticed a subjective improvement in their symptoms with a near 33 percent improvement. There was little in terms of objective data to quantify any true improvements, however. [2]

Gentian is the last to come under fire and it does not have the same impressive panel that hops or valerian may possess. Studies show that gentian is potentially effective as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent but has little to no benefit when it comes to helping patients deal with their anxiety or stress. [3]

After looking at some of the possible side effects of these medications, it is not out of the realm of possibility that patients that take these Kalm tablets are at an increased risk for gastrointestinal distress, dizziness and mood changes. Due to the multitude of compounds active in this substance, it is also recommended that patients are cautious taking this medication when using other medications due to potential cross-reaction with other common medications. These tablets have not passed through any safety or effectiveness testing so be prudent when deciding to start these medications. 

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