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So apparently i don't understand Plan B too well. I know what it does. My question is how long does plan b effective you? How long will it prevent you from ovulating? If you're already ovulating how long will it prevent sperm from fertilizing an egg? Also from what I've read, it will most likely make you have a period within about 10 days. Am i just misunderstanding this and it will not make you have a period?

As for my second question concerning chances of being pregnant. If you have unprotected sex multiple times with in 2 days after taking Plan B, is there a chance that its still protecting you from being pregnant or is there a high chance you could be?

This is what happened. I had protected sex Monday 3/15 but the condom came off and leaked in me. So we figured that the morning after pill would protect me for a few days. Yes it wasn't a very smart choice. We have unprotected sex a few more times. On Tuesday 3/16 i take the first pill and 3/17 very early morning i take the second pill. After the second pill 3/17 - 3/18 we have unprotected sex around 9 times. He came in me every time he could. I tried to clean myself out but he came in me deep so i couldnt ever get a lot out.

I would like to assume that my period hasnt come because of Plan B. I was ovulating at least the first 2 days i was with this guy. My period usually comes around the 27th-28th.


You can get online to the Plan B website. Plan B (in my understanding) is not supposed to be used as a birth control pill would be. You are taking some chances with taking it the way you are, much less taking it at all. In my opinion, opinion only, you should stop playing russian roulette and wait until you are married and mature enough to be having sexual intercourse. It is a gift, not a game. And serious repercussions come when you play with it.