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As for my second question concerning chances of being pregnant. If you have unprotected sex multiple times with in 2 days after taking Plan B, is there a chance that its still protecting you from being pregnant or is there a high chance you could be?

This is what happened. I had protected sex Monday 3/15 but the condom came off and leaked in me. So we figured that the morning after pill would protect me for a few days. Yes it wasn't a very smart choice. We have unprotected sex a few more times. On Tuesday 3/16 i take the first pill and 3/17 very early morning i take the second pill. After the second pill 3/17 - 3/18 we have unprotected sex around 9 times. He came in me every time he could. I tried to clean myself out but he came in me deep so i couldnt ever get a lot out.

I would like to assume that my period hasnt come because of Plan B. I was ovulating at least the first 2 days i was with this guy. My period usually comes around the 27th-28th. As of today it is four days late.


First I would like to say that you took plan b the right way. Your suppose to take it as immediate as possible, basically the day of the the day after you've had unprotected sex. Then take the second pill at max 12 hours after the first pill. And plan b should be effective. But after you take it, it does not help you from getting pregnant if you have unprotected sex afterward. Especially that many times. But I am not a doctor, so I am not telling you you are definitely pregnant now. Cause after I took plan b the first time in my life, my period took a couple days to show up. BUT the second time I took plan b, after having unprotected sex, and taking it as directed. I had gotten pregnant even though I took it. I have very recently, like meaning this month had an abortion, cause although I would have like to kept the baby. I was not ready, and it would be unfair to the child to be brought in an unfit time. I hope your not judgmental about what I have just told you. Anyways, if you continue with no period, I would go to your gyno or if you don't have one, find one in your area and get checked out. If you don't feel comfortable calling or anything it's usually best to have a close friend or love one there by your side to help and support you. And if it turns out you are pregnant, do not be alarmed about having took plan b. Plan b does not cause side effects to your pregnancy. Well, that is all I can tell you from personal experience with plan b. Take care of yourself, and make the right decisions, and follow your heart. If you need anything else. I would be glad to help- Jill P.S you are not alone