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:$ i am i bit shy over this and never turned to something like this for help

but the other night i found some red blisters underneath my foreskin i am in no pain or have no difficultly passing unrine. any ideas on what it may be.


Hello there

People usually say if it doesn’t hurt don’t touch it. Since you have discovered this last night have you felt some urge to look for something or this was totally by accident? If you don’t experience any pain or some other sensation like itching than these are probably pimples and they will pass on its own.

As well if you are sure that sexual transmitted diseases is out of the question you should relax and forget about it, but if you had unprotected sex and you have noticed this afterwards than it would be wise to call your doctor and make an appointment as soon as possible.

I hope that nothing serious is in question and that you have resolved your problem by now.