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i'm sorry if this is wrong section, i wasn't sure where to put this

before my ear on my right side of the face there is a painful small lump underneath the skin...i was wondering what this is as it hurts when its touched.

i'm no expert at all on medical stuff and was wondering for some advice maybe




No, you posted at the right section of the site. In my opinion this has to do with your ear problem and I think that you might be having an ear infection. This lump that you have noticed is most likely a lymph node which got enlarged because of some sort of an infection in your ear. Do you have any pain in your ear? Have you used any remedies for this condition? Have you noticed any excessive wax in your ear? You have to know that as soon as your underlying condition is resolved this lump will get back to normal as well. I hope this you find some of this information helpful.

Good luck,