So a week ago I suddenly woke up and felt like there is this pressure feeling in my stomach and abdomen. Whenever I eat I will become full very quickly and sometimes I can't even eat because even a light snack makes me sick to my stomach. It is so uncomfortable because I am starving and I can feel my stomach growling but on the other hand it is bloated. Two days after I had this very painful back pain to the point it hurts to stand. So I went to the doctor and she only did my urine dip test and she insist it is UTI. So she gave me antibiotics (ciprofloxacin) and I already took 3 pills with 7 left to go. Right now I'm afraid if it could be something else because I don't have any pain when I am urinating. I am still having back pain although it is not that worse now but the stomach bloatedness is so uncomfortable. Please help. I am so scared. I am only 19.