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i've had a condition for a few months now that used to be just nausea and headaches and loss of apetite
i had a minor case of diharrea too but i'm not sure if it was connected or not
i generally stay away from dairy products because i thought it made me worse
i just go to bed or have a nap whenever i feel really sick and wake up feeling ok again

but i'm started to get bad stomach cramps. i just got my period today so that could be the cause of the really bad pains i'm getting in my lower stomach area, but i get all them all the time, not just around my period
also, i had a really bad headache last night that lasted throughout most of the day. i drunk water, ate and lay down for a bit before i gave up and went to bed. at the start, it was at the front of my head behind my eyes, but before i went to bed, it was more on the right side of my head and my right eye and temple really hurt

i've looked up a whole lotta diseases from IBS to gallbladder stone and i'm not sure. a lot of the things i looked up have similar symptoms
i've never thrown up before, just felt like it, and never had a fever. i have had quite a few chills, but it's winter where i live now and pretty cold

i'm 16, female, virgin, have regular periods, don't eat much fatty foods, and never had a problem with urinating
but when i do have my period, generally i do feel pretty sick or sore on the first day, just in case that helps

thanks for reading and please if any of you have an idea, could you tell me please???


forgot to mention how my stomach is always growling no matter how much i eat, and whether i'm hungry or not
i sometimes feel bloated, more with salty and fatty foods
ok, i think that's it now