my kid is 12 and says she has bladder pain and sever stomach pain. :-( she has comstapation and spends hours in the bathroom. :-( she says that it feels like there is a vibrating massager in her bladder and keeps vomiting and it makes her tummy hurt. she doesn't eat much and curls up a lot. she looks like she is cramping up in her stomach. I don't know what to do.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( She starts crying after she throws up and says she feels sick to her tummy and complains it bloats up and hurts. then she says she is having horrible gas and constapation. Her stomach swells up 1000x it's size so she runs to the bathroom and spends an hour in there on the toilet. ! I give her pepto bizmo but she says it makes her bloated tummy pain worse. So, i try gas-x and she says that it makes her gas and tummy pain worse. :'( i checked with the doctor and he tryed everytjhing but nothing worked. :'( :'( :-( help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she starts to turn green. :-) Then she grabs her over sized tummy and starts to race to the bathroom but stops and falls to the floor and puts her hand to her mouth and i run to grab her sick bear bowl. she vomits and runs to the bathroom and spends 5 hours so i have to check on her. :'( :-( i find her sitting on the toilet and straing to poop. :-) :$ then her stomach makes loud grumbling and groaning noises. :-) :'( she gets up and is done and a few hours later i hear loud growling and groanig and sloshing noises ! ? she says her tummy and bladder are making noise. ? then she lays down and a couple minuets later she is groanog about bladder pain and itching. :$!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!