First of all, I'm 22, and I am not on birth control. So my last period started Tuesday, March 12th. It came on time, but it was a little different. It stopped after about 4 days (which is normal), but then it started again on Sunday the 17th (after having protected sex with my long-term boyfriend) and lasted until Tuesday the 19th.  The "second half" of the period was lighter than the first, but I had cramping as well. Anyway, we had sex again on Friday, March 22nd. We used a condom; however, I had performed oral sex on him before (he came), and he didn't use the restroom or wash off before putting the condom on (like he usually does)--he just wiped it off. This wouldn't freak me out, but when he was putting the condom on, he started to roll it on backwards, and then flipped it over, so it had touched the tip of his (unwashed) penis. Then, he put it inside of me. I felt really uncomfortable when I realized what had happened, and we discussed it. He assured me no worries and that I didn't need Plan B, but I'm a little worried. According to my period chart, the 22nd was supposed to be the day I ovulated...however, usually during that week, I have a lot of discharge, but I didn't experience ANY of that this cycle, which is strange. Today is March 31st, and my next period should come on April 5th. Today I woke up feeling extremely bloated and nauseous. Could I be pregnant? Or are these just signs of my period? Also, why didn't I have discharge like usual? Is it because my period lasted longer than usual?Thanks for any advice. I'm just feeling paranoid... :(