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I have been experienceign blood in my silive when I take a nap during the nighe and get after some time to use the bathroom then it will stop. I do not see this during the day only for a period in the nigh.  I went to the doctor she said that I need cleaning, Idid tht got mouth rince I brush my teeth befor I sleep and I am still experiencing the problems what can I do


Hi there! You are experiencing blood in the saliva at night. Blood in the saliva can come from different places from your respiratory or gastrointestinal tract. From your mouth or from your nose also. Did you see any of these times you had the bleeding if it came from your mouth? There are different causes for it: gingivitis, dental work recently, esophagitis, nose bleeding, bronchitis and a lot more of less common diseases. If it doesn't get better after some days ( arouns a week)  or if you start having other symptoms (cough for example) or if the bleeding gets worse, in all those three situations you will have to come back to the doctor for further evaluation, especially if you don’t know where this blood is coming from. Take care!