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I got my tounge pierced on tuesday, and its still sore and swells more when i talk more which i figure is normal since its only been 3 days. but i noticed that on the top there is white stuff forming round the ball with a lil tiny yellowish tint to it, should i be worried?? the bottom of the piercing looks fine and doesnt have any stuff coming out of it and doesnt look discolored at all.

and the guy who pierced it said to rinse my mouth out with anitbacterial mouth wash after i eat, drink or smoke but no more the 8 times a day, if im need to rince my mouth out more then 8 times a day he said to alternate between salt water and mouth wash.


You should probably have your tongue checked out by your doctor as soon as possible. You are doing the right things in swishing with anti-bacterial mouthwash, but something could be going on inside that is causing that white and yellowish tint. Here are few quick facts about tongue piercing issues to look for and any of these symptoms means you should immediately seek the advice of your piercing professional or a medical professional:

Yellow or green discharge (a whitish or clear discharge is normal drainage) from the tongue piercing.
Scarring or thickened tissue that builds up and darkens around the piercing hole.
Bleeding or tearing after the initial healing of the tongue piercing.
A low-grade fever that is persistent in the days following your tongue piercing.
Red streaks and painful tenderness radiating out from the piercing hole.

Hope that helps. Good luck!


Hi its normal for it to be like this

For a swollen tongue piercing I recommend that you have some cold freezies and that should take away the swelling also wash it in clear anti bacterial soap in the shower just put some water in your mouth and swish until you don't taste the soap anymore

I also have my eyebrow pierced , tongue , ears , nose , nipple and belly button pierced. Also 6 tattoos so I am used to this so its ok as long as you don't change the bar or play with it in your mouth then it should heal very quickly. And don't touch it with dirty hands that can cause a very bad infection