I have a problem with salivation that I have had for about 31 years now and no single Medical General Practicioner has been able to tell me what the problem is.

I have woken up every single day for the last 31 years with too much saliva in my mouth that remains there until I brush my teeth.

If I wake up and not brush my teeth for even 4 hours then within that period I have to go continually to the bathroom to spit and this will not stop until I have brushed my teeth.

Needless to say it is impossible for me to eat anything after waking up without brushing my teeth.

I have woken up a few times in the past almost choking on my own saliva.

Every time I speak to a doctor about it I get the usual bs about brushing my teeth twice a day but that does not slove the problem.

This always happens after a night's sleep but also sometimes after taking an afternoon's nap.

I take cordosyl as a mouthwash at night and in the mornings to combat my bad breath because without it my breath from the saliva is horrendous.

Most other mouth wash do very little to combat the stench of my breath so I do not bother with them.

Ironic being that saliva is meant to combat bad breath.

The only time anyone has come close to diagnosing what the problem is was a few years ago when a nurse told me that I had too much saliva and mucus in my nose.

Anyways I am hoping that there is someone out there that has a clue as to what has been plaguing me for far too long.

It would not surprise me to find out it has something to do with acid reflux as I always feel discomfort from my stomach to my throat and vice versa as though what should be coming out through my backside goes upwards to my mouth.

It sure as heck smells that way