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hi i have a friend whom has leukemia, i would like to know the process of finding out if i can be a donor. would you be able to give me info on how do i get tested for it?

thanks alot

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In order to be a donor you must be between the ages of 18 to 60 and in good health, complete a National Marrow Donor Program consent form. The form may be skipped if you are only wanting to donate to one person and not others across the world. The form is for one to be listed in the registry..If a preliminary match is determined, additional blood tests are taken to determine if you are a precise match for a patient. You may talk to your friends doctors about being a donor, in some cases such as family one may be younger to donate bone marrow if a suitible match is not found in a resonable amount of time....You can also get more information from the hospital about being a donor, find out what the process is for harvesting bone marrow...There is so much to know about this.....I wish your friend the best of luck!!!!