Hello, I am conducting my own little research and I wonder if any of you could help..... I have been diagnosed by too many groups of neurologists for the past 12 years....they all have different weird diagnosis (some have a few diagnosis) and they all want me to take different treatments.......that's just a brief explanation :) Anyway my first question is...."

 Those of you who suffer or at times suffer from "Brain Zaps"...that is the latest name I have found for that weird sensation in your head, that feels just like you are getting small electric shocks and buzzing." Do you find you are very sensitive to static electricity? Do you find that sometimes you seem to get an electric shock from something you touch, yet it should never happen as they are not conducters ? and lastly do you find that sometimes electrical equipment may go a bit crazy when you are sometimes around them?.......like telly signals going off or cd ejecting and closing continuously etc..... I find many have been scared to say because of being thought of as crazy......but I am finding more and more people opening up.

We are NOT crazy and it is very real, I am hoping the sufferers themselves will find our own way to get rid of it, once we truly know what is happening to each one of us....There are plenty of theories but we need facts....and who better than ourselves, to start our own investigation and compare notes. Thanks for allowing me to take some of your time.....All The Best in finding our own solutions :)