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For about 18 months I have had the sensation in my head of not feeling like I'm not there or in a fog. I can talk to people and I know who they are, I just don't feel like I'm there. I have had sinus problems and extreme financial issues and am wandering if that is my problem?Take allergy shots weekly, my Dr has me on Viibryd and lithium, which seems to help. The Viibryd doesn"t seem to help. Also have a buzzing or vibrating in my head. If anyone has experienced this, please let me know.



I have sinus problems, and a weird low and sometimes high buzzing sound in and around the back of my neck and ears and the same weird dissociation feeling;  like i am looking at the world but i'm not seeing anything, everyone tells me i'm acting normally but  i feeling like i barely exist and it is horrible. I've had a ct scan and mri, been on antibiotic for the sinuses and they always tell me i'm fine, my blood count is normal, and so on. I did find this one psychological disorder called Depersonalization disorder, but it has unknown causes, and doesn't account for the buzzing sound. Sadly, I have no good advice to offer you, but I thought i'd let you know that i'm experiencing the same thing. The feeling of not being there really bothers me and sometimes I get totally confused about whats going on and scared at the situation and need to shut it out. The weird thing is sometimes I am somewhere and it's not as if i forget anything or don't know where I am, but when i realized that it is me who is there doing what ever it is that i'm doing, it causes great anxiety. Hope you feel better.