Scientists found that a tumour blocking protein called pp32 who has a great role in development of breast and prostate cancer can also be connected to the growth of pancreatic cancer. Researchers claim that it could be one of the factor of causing the most aggressive type of cancer located in pancreas.

In research on models without the protein, mutations in the K-ras , a cancer causing gene, took over and turned cells into cancerous. By adding pp32 the growth of the cells could be minimized and that leads to conclusion that losing this pp32 protein might be critical in finding a behavior of the pancreatic cancer.

In the fast growing pancreatic cancer , study finds that pp32 is reduced or lost completely and this could cause aggressive type of pancreatic cancer. Researchers hope that this study could help in understanding early stages of pancreatic cancer and it’s development on a molecular level. Although it is too early to say researchers claim that the absence of the protein could be a marker for diagnose of the pancreatic cancer and also a potential drug target.