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Two months ago we found out my dad has prostate cancer, and now that his latest results arrived it turns out the cancer has already progressed to stage t3a.Basically it means cancer has spread only in the prostate and thankfully nowhere else in the body, but what we’re confused about now are the treatment options my dad has.

His oncologist suggested trying first radiation therapy, than complete surgical removal. We’re not sure if there is any need for radiation therapy if they confirmed the cancer hasn’t spread and the surgery will at least get rid of it completely and our doctor left this decision completely up to us. I’m not sure would it be a waste of time to try getting the second opinion, or at least the doctor that will straight up tell us which procedure has better chances for cancer never returning, even if it means additional testing.


Radiation therapy for prostate cancer that can be cured with surgery is currently an evolving opinion. The doctor leaving this decision up to you is a result of that evolution. The latest research appears to point to radiation being unnecessary. Prostate cancer is very treatable and survivable. I have cared for many survivors of prostate cancer, so that is encouraging news! Do what you feel is right. But if the doctor had truly felt it necessary to have both the surgery and radiation, he'd be suggesting it.