I Am 21 and have been on the pill for having abnormally large cysts. I have been on Ocella for 3 years and was constantly having breakthrough bleeding that I thought was my period every two weeks before my actual period came. Last month my doctor changed me to Portia and said that it would stop the breakthrough bleeding. Last month, was my first month on Portia (spelling may be wrong sorry), I did not have any breakthrough bleeding, but my period came five days late. I  am about 11 days into my second pack and have started a noticeable constant light brown & pink discharge or spotting the past 2 days. I try looking it up online but all I get is implantation bleeding which stresses me out because I am sexually active. MY boyfriend and I do use condoms in conjunction with the birth control, which I take within  a half hour of 7am everyday. Could it just be the pill change?